We are very excited and proud to support GAR (Geelong Animal Rescue) to find forever homes for rescued and surrendered cats.


We have three new fur babies looking for their forever families. Please click on their names which will take you to the GAR website for adoption details. Make one of these beautiful fur babies part of your forever family.


GAR#1376 Microchip #956000005683516

Hi my name is Skye, and I am looking for my forever family. I haven’t had a family of my very own for a very long time.

I have good bathroom manners, impeccable table manners, like to know what’s going on around me and love, love love attention, the more the better. I will shower you with smooches and purrs and happily spend all day in your company.

I need to be the only feline fur baby in the family as I don’t get along with other felines. Some may say I’m the demonstrative type as I have loads of personality and confidence, but I also have a very soft and loving side as well.

Little people scare me so I would prefer to be around older people who don’t tease, chase or grab at me. Once you meet me I know you will love me!!

Carer’s comments: Skye (approximately 6 years old) is a beautiful boy that just needs the right environment and become part of a loving family. Very clean and impeccable table manners. He is a big beautiful softy, a very affectionate boy that has a lot of love to give and deserves a very loving home

Cattery Skye 1.jpg
cattery cat boarding Skye 2.jpg

GAR#1377 Microchip #956000003777686

Hello I’m Leo, I am not sure why I was surrendered but the family that have taken care of me for a long time have been wonderful but now it’s time for me to find my own forever home.

I am the type of boy that likes to sit back and watch for awhile, I don’t leap in paws first like some of the youngens, if you know what I mean! I just need a little time to get used to my surroundings and new faces but then will shower you with smooches and purrs, head-buts, cuddles and lots of lap-time.

Oh, did I mention I’m quiet? very quiet, like a little mouse and don’t throw wild Rock Star parties like some of my previous room mates. I keep my room very tidy and clean.

I like the company of other felines too, so happy to share my forever family. Dogs, hmm. No I don’t think I like dogs much, too noisy, rough and they smell funny!

Little humans can overwhelm me so probably best with just the large ones I think. So just other felines and large humans please!

I would love to meet you, maybe you would love to meet me too?

Carer’s comments: Leo (approximately 5 years old) is a very sweet, gentle and quiet boy and just wants to be loved and cared for by a loving family. He does have a quirky way of drinking by standing with front paws in his water bowl and scooping the water to his mouth then licking his paws dry. Funny boy, very clean and a big softy, a very affectionate boy that just wants to be loved.

cattery cat boarding Leo1.jpg
cattery cat boarding Leo2.jpg

isobel - has now found her forever family!

GAR#1378 Microchip# 956000010806226

Hey I’m Isobel, but I like Izzy best, I was lost and luckily found by a lovely lady who took me to a big house with lots of other felines where I was sharing a room with a few others. Now I am staying at this posh place and have my very own bedroom with a lovely enclosed garden area as well. I am well cared for but would like to have my very own forever family.

I am very smart, pretty of course, confident and very relaxed. I love cuddles, pats, looove scratches behind my ears and will give you lots of smooches and head buts. If I really feel comfortable and like you lots, I will give you a little kiss on your face.

My favourite thing to do is to find a comfy place and have a snooze, oh and lots of playing. I love, love those red dot things that move every where, chasing balls and little furry mice (not real ones of course). I am happy to play on my own or with my family.

I get along with other felines, but sometimes it takes me a little while to feel comfortable with them.

I’m not to sure about those little humans though, they scare me so maybe bigger ones might make me feel more comfortable. I have impeccable bathroom and table manners and keep my room clean and tidy (mostly). I have the softest talking voice so you may find it hard to hear me.

Oh one last thing, as I have pink ears I need to stay out of the sun as much as I can.

Please come and meet me and maybe you can take me home to meet my forever family!

Carer’s comments: Izzy (approximately 18 months old) is a very sweet, gentle and affectionate girl who will melt your heart with the love she gives. Very playful or happy just to laze around enjoying her surroundings and human company. Super relaxed girl who loves cuddles and affection. A real little gem!

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cattery cat boarding Izzy2.jpg
cattery cat boarding Izzy1.jpg