Scratching Behaviours

Why Cats scratch

All cats scratch and this is a natural and necessary behaviour.  By scratching, your cat is shedding the outer sheath of its nails to help keep them healthy as well as exercising the muscles in their legs.  In doing this your cat is also marking their territory by leaving their individual scent behind.  All perfectly normal behaviour.

Choosing the right cat for you

How active are cats?  Some cat breeds have a laid-back attitude and will be content to just lay on your lap and be with you while you read a book or watch TV.  Other cat breeds have a higher activity level, need more stimulation and prefer to be joining in on whatever you are doing eg. working outside, going for walks, hanging out the laundry, anything to “help”.

Choosing the right Cattery/Cat Hotel

A good place to start is to make a list of catteries/cat boarding facilities or cat boarding hotels to visit.

It may be helpful to ask fellow cat owners, neighbours, family, friends, pet businesses and local vets as they may be able to make a recommendation. 

A Cat's Body Language

A cats temperament can change quickly between having fun and attack if over stimulated so be careful not to push it too far especially if you don`t know the cat you are playing with.

Interactive Cat Toy's

Interactive toys are a great way to mentally stimulate your cat.  We use them all the time and have found that a variety of toys can really excite and burn off that excess energy and also tire them out for a nice quiet night.