Why choose a cattery for looking after your furry feline while you are away.

Today the standard of pet care is improving at a fast pace as people want more for their family pet and this is also true for cat boarding. A cattery must pass very strict council regulations to get its license and it must also pass the standards set out by the State Government - The Code Of Practice for the Operation of Boarding Establishments.

Any cattery should have a highly secure entrance  with multiple doors between guests suites and the outside world so that your furry feline can’t make a quick escape out of an open door. A good cattery will also have used quality materials specified for cats such as cat netting or mesh to secure outside areas, these can be run down below ground level to ensure guests can not get underneath.

Besides the security, a cattery has many other advantages including more one on one time as this is what makes a guests stay much more pleasurable for them as they are not left alone throughout the day and evening with no human interaction. Also having the cattery owners live on site is especially comforting to cat owners knowing that there is always someone around. So ask the question of the Cattery or Cat Hotel you are visiting if there is someone that lives on-site?

With constant interaction in a cattery, any medical issues are more likely to be noticed and dealt with quickly. Every cattery that is in the cat boarding business has procedures in place for such instances that may occur.

A Cat Hotel or Luxury Cattery providing more of a home away from home environment is becoming more popular these days and cat lovers want something more than just keeping their furry feline safe while away. A luxury Cattery generally will have good insulation, heating, cooling, private areas in each suite, quality bedding with multiple choices for napping, competent, caring and loving staff that will listen to what the guest requires while in their care.

If you are looking at a luxury Cattery make sure they can actually deliver a luxury experience for your furry feline and peace of mind for you.