It is true that cats depend mainly on meat for nourishment, but kittens like children are attracted to vegetation and could end up munching on plants you have around your home.

So before you buy that lovely new plant or bring a new fur member into the family, please do some research in what plants are toxic to cats.    A list of some plant species that are toxic to cats can be found on the RSPCA website. 

It is not only ingesting by chewing plants but also what can stick to a cats coat, later to be licked clean that also needs to be considered.

Of course you cant control every plant in your neighborhood but you can select what you have in your own home and garden.

There is a variety of cat friendly grasses available that you can grow yourself to help satisfy kitty's fondness for foliage such as Catnip, Cat Mint, Parsley and Wheat Grass.  These grasses are particularly good for helping with your cats digestive system and to help them remove fur balls.

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