Choosing the right cat for you

How active are cats?  Some cat breeds have a laid-back attitude and will be content to just lay on your lap and be with you while you read a book or watch TV.  Other cat breeds have a higher activity level, need more stimulation and prefer to be joining in on whatever you are doing eg. working outside, going for walks, hanging out the laundry, anything to “help”.

Choosing the right Cattery/Cat Hotel

A good place to start is to make a list of catteries/cat boarding facilities or cat boarding hotels to visit.

It may be helpful to ask fellow cat owners, neighbours, family, friends, pet businesses and local vets as they may be able to make a recommendation. 

A Cat's Body Language

A Cat's Body Language

What is my cat`s body language telling me?  A cats temperament can change quickly between having fun and attack if over stimulated so be careful not to push it too far especially if you don`t know the cat you are playing with. Cats are stimulus driven predators by nature so if you start pressing their buttons they may move in for the attack.  If the cat is past the point of playing and has reached attack mode simply stop and this will end pursuit mode.

Why do cats stare? Most cats will stare as a first reaction to something they feel uncomfortable about or something new to them such as a stranger walking into the room. Once they are comfortable in the situation the staring usually ceases. If the cat is focusing on something new the pupils will dilate, becoming like saucers or bug eyed and they will refrain from blinking but if the cat is becoming angry the pupils will contract and be more focused on one narrow area rather than a whole area.

Why do cats hiss? A cat hissing, especially if the front paw is raised in readiness, signifies a very unhappy cat indeed!  Best to leave it alone until the cat becomes more relaxed around you.  Be patient, this may take time.


Do cats like belly rubs?  Cats are very protective of their soft underbelly so when dealing with a cat you are not familiar with, don`t assume they want a belly rub as they may reserve this type of attention for the ones they trust completely.

Is my cat happy to see me?  When a cat uses long slow movements to blink their eyes it is telling you "I am happy to be here with you". If you return the gesture to your cat you are letting them know that you feel the same way. Most cats don`t like direct eye contact so either show the cat quick glances or slow blinking movements

What is a cat’s tail telling me?  A cat’s tail is the most obvious sign as to how they are feeling. Holding their tail high is showing confidence. If a cat is curling its tail around your leg it is spreading it's scent on you in a friendly and affectionate way. A cat holding its tail between its legs shows anxiety. If the cat feels threatened the most common response is to fluff out its tail like a brush and arch it's back sometimes claws may even be unsheathed. This is not the time for cuddles, but best to leave them alone.