Can I shares your drink?

Can I shares your drink?

In this day and age everyone is so busy – so many people love animals, but are circumstantially unable to have one of their own. There is now an alternative for cat lovers – cat cafes! These specialty cafes enable you to get your crazy cat person on and get your fix.

So what exactly IS a cat café? Well, quite as the name suggests, it is a place where you can enjoy your cup of tea, coffee, or anything else that you can get at a regular café, but with the company of cats.

The world’s first cat café was built in Taiwan in 1998, and the idea has since taken the world by storm. Japan has particularly adopted the concept, with over 50 in Tokyo alone, and now Australia is starting to jump on the trend, with shops popping up around the country very quickly.

Most cat cafés get their cats from adoption agencies, rescuing stray or unwanted cats that may otherwise have been put down, but others have a range of purebred cats to educate people on the different breeds. Some cat cafés work with adoption agencies, fostering cats until one of their customers falls in love with them and adopts them as their own.

Get in some play time at a cat cafe

Get in some play time at a cat cafe

It is a great concept to give many cats a second chance at life and a fur-ever home. They are all regularly checked by vets, up to date on their vaccinations and are monitored closely at all times to ensure the cat’s safety.  

The cats are very well cared for, and are able to choose whether they hang out with humans or spend a quiet time by themselves in a secluded place. They are not made to perform; they just come and go as they please between customers and seem very relaxed and happy. There are also a lot of visitor rules to make the cats more comfortable. Common ones include:

·         No flash photography

·         Do not disturb sleeping cats

·         Do not pick cats up – if they jump on you that’s ok

·         No children under 8

·         Do not feed cats

 The cafés also have to pass stringent health regulations and guidelines to operate, so don’t be concerned about hygiene and cleanliness!

If you are interested in checking a cat café out, make sure you book in advance because these places are always full!