Interactive toys are a great way to mentally stimulate your cat.  We use them all the time and have found that a variety of toys can really excite and burn off that excess energy and also tire them out for a nice quiet night.

Laser lights (eg. FroliCat) are lots of fun for you and your cat.  We have found that just a 10 minute burst will work wonders and leave your cat feeling happy and contented for hours. 

Flashing, moving balls are also great and the ones that roll inside tracks make it easy for pack-up.  No searching for lost balls after a play session as they are well contained in the toy.

Do cats watch TV? Ours do and they love it.  Some cat's will love it and others may not be interested.  You can find DVD’s made especially for cat's and the longer ones with changing scenes are the ones we found to be the most interactive.   Sometimes it takes a little longer for them to become engaged, but be patient it can be so much fun for you and your cat!