Adopting A Rescue Animal

In the past we have adopted cats and dogs from Animal Shelters and it has been an amazing experience for us.  Our current rescues are a Staffy/Boxer who was surrendered after giving birth to puppies at the age of about 2 years old.  Her puppies were wanted but not her. 

Toxic Plants

It is true that cats depend mainly on meat for nourishment, but kittens like children are attracted to vegetation and could end up munching on plants you have around your home.

So before you buy that lovely new plant or bring a new fur member into the family, please do some research in what plants are toxic to cats.    A list of some plant species that are toxic to cats can be found on the RSPCA website. 

Scratching Behaviours

Why Cats scratch

All cats scratch and this is a natural and necessary behaviour.  By scratching, your cat is shedding the outer sheath of its nails to help keep them healthy as well as exercising the muscles in their legs.  In doing this your cat is also marking their territory by leaving their individual scent behind.  All perfectly normal behaviour.