Why Choose PURR-CENTRAL luxury Cat hotel?

Purr-Central was designed and built based on the core values we operate by.  We want our guest's to feel safe, secure and enjoy the privacy as they would in their own home setting.  Options for cat boarding for us in the past have been limited, but having spent time in Europe and seeing how luxury cat hotels are designed and operated, it has inspired us to create Purr-Central, setting a new standard in cat boarding facilities.

Our suites are large, comfortable walk-in private rooms equipped with everything required to make our guest's feel at home, even their own garden terrace.  So now there is no need for you to be concerned or feel guilty when you go away, they will be enjoying their holiday as much as you are enjoying yours.

So next time you book your holiday, think about how happy, safe and content your fur family member will be if you book their holiday too, they will love you for it.

Purr-Central is in the business of cat boarding because we love cats and want this to be a pleasant experience for you and your fur family member. 

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